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UK Design and manufacture of wideband current measurement transformers and wideband voltage measurement transformers

Lilco designs and manufactures custom current measurement transformers for a number of clients, ranging from research institutions to OEMs. These can be low volume specials, typically five or less, to production runs requiring scheduled delivery over many months.


Customisation can be in the form of optimisation of electrical parameters if a standard part does not fit your requirement, or we can design a transformer and package to fit in with your electrical and mechanical requirements. We work with your engineering to finalise the product.

Some examples of customised products:


These photos are not all to the same scale

250x187 K2140_01
250x188 K2139_01 N-type
250x202 6-Series 100MHz SMA
250x234 K2142_01
250x247 K2141C_01

Updated    December 2018



Good response to a capacitor discharge pulse with a long time constant.



Good response to ESD events to enable determination between human or machine discharge



High frequency response to 100MHz and SMA connector



Good pulse response with CT isolated from case and special connector



Good response to long pulse with minimum droop and isolated case