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UK Design and manufacture of wideband current measurement transformers and wideband voltage measurement transformers

Lilcos standard products can be found on these pages with links to the details of the individual types.


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Wideband High Frequency terminated Current Transformers, with 50R output,

6 Series, 13 Series, 52 Series and 58 Series

Wideband Current Transformers with unterminated output for user selection of sensitivity. Frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 2 MHz.

Miniature printed circuit board mounted broadband unterminated current transformers

Miniature current transformers for 45Hz to 40KHz operation

Power current transformers for 50/60 Hz fundamental with harmonics to 10KHz

Wideband voltage measurement transformers, 600V and 1200V rms, 50Hz to 20KHz

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Updated    December 2018