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UK Design and manufacture of wideband current measurement transformers and wideband voltage measurement transformers

NOTES to Broadband CT’s:


Source impedance - All models have a source impedance of 50R


Load impedance - In the specification tables for the broadband CT’s this is assumed to be >50K


50R load - With a 50R load I-t capability is increased by between 20% and 80% and droop and lf cut-off point are reduced by a factor of 0.6 to 0.85. A 50R load at the receiver and a 50R line should be used where long cables are employed or where the highest frequency response is required.


Output - Accuracy +/-0.5% at mid log frequency point, +/-2% within one decade of 3dB cut-off points for models other than 13W5000 and 58M5000. The accuracy for the high sensitivity 13W5000 and 58M5000 models is +/-2.5% within one decade of the 3dB cut-off points. The use of a 50R load will halve the sensitivity.


I-t No bias - Lilco broadband current transformers do not require the application of any biasing current to achieve this level of I-t. The use of a 50R load will enhance the I-t capability considerably.


I-t with bias - these levels are achieved with a dc off-set current equal to Isat. The use of a 50R load will enhance the I-t capability further.


Price - small quantity price, 1-2 off.


58M0020 and 58D0020 - these broadband current transformers have been introduced to satisfy the measurement demands of EN61000-4-11


Peak Current, Ipeak. Models 58DH0100 and 58MH010 are available with 50,000 amp rated peak current capability but with HF upper bandwidth limited to 3MHz.


RoHS - The 13 Series, 52 Series and 58 Series model CTs are RoHS compliant


Updated    December 2018